Private accommodation

Apartment Selský Dvůr

Selský Dvůr in the Moravská Hůzová is a place, where you can stay for a business stay, but you can spend your vacation here. Magical place, where back in time and experience the many adventures. We welcome in particular families with children, but also cyclists, which has an annex for bicycles and all, who like peace and coexistence with animals. The house is equipped with a remanufactured furniture, the old stove was preserved, front door, obložky a sýpka.

The duck and poultry farm belong to the yard, depicting life from hatching to adults. The farm also includes small birds. We offer children the possibility of feeding the animals, collecting eggs.

A magical place in the heart of Moravia

The accommodation itself is located in the Selské Dvor building – Building A, barn, a storage for bicycles, Building A, parking in the courtyard and in front of the building. Surroundings of the Court are enclosures for animals, lavender bed, tulips and honey crocuses. Selský Dvůr is enclosed by a wall, which offers enough privacy and many of our visitors have confirmed to us, that she found the peace and privacy she sought here, despite, that the accommodation is located in the middle of the development.

There is two types of accommodation in Selský Dvůr: Building A – Building A, where you will find two double rooms and one family room with six beds, playroom with chess table, living room and kitchen, terrace with barbecue. Building A, Building A, living room, kitchen and terrace with barbecue. Each of these terraces offers privacy, because they are diverted to another side. Selský Dvůr offers homemade eggs, pastry, jams, from which you can make an excellent breakfast menu.

A little bit of the history of the villa

In 1881 the property was first registered with the owners Josef and Agnes Wiedermann. There was a garden and a barn for cattle. . In 1882 Viktorin and Jana Vychodil bought the land..

13. January 1893 by notarial deed acquires ownership Justin Vychodilová, which 10. July donates half the land and barn to her fiance Joseph The poor, whom she 14. June 1893 married and adopted the name Justina Chudá.

20. June 1909 It was built house č.p. 73, which was in November of that year outnumbered on č.p. 80.

13. October 1937 by notarial file became family house of Chudých. Husbands built another barn for cattle. Later, they rebuilt the stables to another house, where there lived their son with his wife.

16. September 2008 their son Vojtěch acquired ownership by the notarial record..

11. May 2016 the house was bought by Marcela and Tomáš Vychodil, who carried out an extensive renovation of both houses, which they finished in 2019 Building A.

In 2021 Building A.

Building A 2022?

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