Near the farmyard is located

Ice cream             Štarnov
Ice cream in the village Štarnov the cycling route Stellar. Come taste         excellent soft ice cream. Ice cream season usually starts in April. Following up         Fri 13:00 when 18:30, They are not až 10:00 when 19:00.
Litovelské Pomoravi

Litovelské Morava River is located in the north central Moravia, between Olomouc         and Mohelnice, which passes directly through the town Litovel. PLA Administration is based in         Litovli. Proclaimed the year 1990 especially for the protection of natural         meandering river Morava complex and it downstream swamp forests. area 94 km2. Established 15. November 1990.
Exposure time, Šternberk

Exposure time is specific museum, which was founded in 2011 the old house         Awareness of Sternberg Street, CSA No.. 19. The exhibition offers visitors an unusual         view of time and its measurement from space of time to the atomic clock. Exposure is made up of 250 exhibits.
castle Šternberk

Šternberk Castle is in the same city in the Olomouc Region. It stands on a projection         Jeseníky altitude of about 300 m. For a year 1967 It is protected as         cultural heritage and in the Czech Republic 2001 It was inscribed on the list of national cultural         sights.
Doubravský Court
On our farm, everything revolves around cows. Starting on 190 hectares of land management, where         fertilize, Oram, sows and then reap the harvest, We eat our flock.
Arboretum Paseka Makču picro
Arboretum at the foot of the low Jesenik - beauty laced with hard work, collection         over 4.000 species of perennials and alpine plants, April-October still in bloom.
Hanácké museum in Příkazy

Hanácké museum is part of the National Museum in Czech         Republic. Organizes collection of immovable and movable documents on the history of folk         culture, manage collection objects and ethnographic character in village         conservation situated folk architecture, documenting folk         culture.
Mladečské cave

Mladečské caves are extensive underground spaces in the Devonian limestones, which         They are mostly below the hill near the village Třesín Mladeč district of Olomouc         Protected Landscape Area Litovelské Pomoravi. The rediscovery of the cave occurred in 19. century. Opening hours 1.4 when 30.9.

Bouzov Castle stands in the same village southwest of Loštice to         Midwestern Moravia. It seems well-preserved medieval monuments, his         present form dates from the turn of the romantic rebuilding 19. a 20. century. The castle is owned by the Czech Republic and managed by the National         Heritage Institute.
ZOO Olomouc

Olomouc zoological garden was opened to the public in 1956. On the desktop 42,5 ha for breeding 1861 animals during the 354 species. It stretches in the woods         Low foothills of Jesenik, near the regional city of Olomouc, in his local         part - Holy Kopečku and is easily accessible by public transport.
Museum of Olomouc cheese

A museum of Olomouc cheese. W. Loštice was opened in the restored         areas in town house 2014. The modern exposition offers         History of Olomouc cheese, which is now produced only in Loštice. The original and popular cheese here will know from the beginning of its production to         currently. Great story about the history of cheese from its earliest mentions and photographs. Recounts the family Wessels, So the founders Tvarůžková production         Loštice. Goes on to describe changes production from today's manual machine. In the second         floor of the museum is located, "retro cinema", where you can watch movies on the manufacture and         history cheese. followed room, wherein the location of the original molding machine and         bathing basket with a container for washing of cheese 20. century. Last but not least         visiting room, which is devoted to current production. Length of the visit lasts under         interest in about one hour and is terminated by entering the space company stores, where everyone can buy fragrant delicacy
There are plenty of other interesting places.