Social enterprise

Company KRYSTOMA, s.r.o. adheres to the principles of social entrepreneurship and is operated as a social enterprise.

  • employs at least 30 % employee (of total
    workers) from the target group, tj. from the group of socially excluded or endangered persons
    social exclusion (i.e. persons with disabilities, youth and young adults at risk
    socially pathological phenomena, long-term unemployed persons, natural persons under the age of 25 without
    qualification or with a low level of qualification, natural persons older than 50 years, etc.) supports
    their social inclusion in society
  • the company's management observes the democratic principles of decision-making in the work team in particular
    by that, that he invites all workers to regular team meetings, where they have the option
    commenting on the company's activities
  • any profit will be used for the development of the social enterprise and/or its fulfillment in general
    beneficial goals, whereby the annual profit from the economic results of the company will be at least z
    51% reinvested back into the social enterprise, tj. to the development of their own
    services and improving their quality, in particular, these funds will be used for acquisitions
    machinery and equipment, to a lesser extent for raising the qualifications of workers
  • the social enterprise is locally/regionally oriented, i.e. they are for all tenders
    included local companies and entrepreneurs, for the purpose of local development will be the company
    prioritize local resources and thus will support the idea of ​​social responsibility in the solution
    local needs. As a social enterprise, the company openly presents its goals and objectives, principles of their business and thus spread the idea of ​​social capital and social economy in the consciousness of society.